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Silent Disco

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Silent Disco sessions at the EACS and DÖAK conferences

After creating and producing radio plays about my life with HIV, we presented the result as a "silent disco" event at the German-Austrian AIDS Congress in Bonn (DÖAK), as well as the European AIDS Congress (EACS) in Warsaw, Poland 2023. 

The attending physicians were given headphones to listen to my story in the dark - while a spotlight shone on me. This immersive experience gave the physicians a new, more personal insight into the difficulties of doctor-patient relations, opening up a better understanding of the patients plight. This was followed by a Q&A.

The Guardian


"I used to think HIV was a curse. Now my sex-life is better than ever"

Here is a little article I wrote some years back for The Guardians "My Life in Sex" column. At the time I was still using my artists name for my publications.

PLUS Magazine


How HIV improved my sex-life

A little history of how HIV impacted my sex-life - from self doubts and fears, to a new approach and attitude that would change my life forever.

Published in one of the worlds biggest HIV-themed magazines.

Articles, Publications and Projects in English

BBC World


"My blood and sperm felt venomous"

I had the privilege of an extended interview with the BBC world; where I speak about my HIV diagnosis, the psychological burden of the first years, and overcoming these fears and self-stigmas that had plagued me ever since.

In spanish, and published all over South America!

POZ Life Podcast


Straight Pride!

I had the pleasure of having a long and lovely chat with the team from the POZ Vibe Podcast based in Dublin, Ireland. Talking about the unique challenges that straight men with HIV face, and about sex, fun and the usual HIV topics, along with the amazing artist Neil Watkins.

Erika Lust Blog


HIV gave me a new purpose

HIV is an important topic - especially in the porn-industry! Guest writing for the Erika Lust blog, I still used my pseudonym at the time. To share my story, and raise awareness!

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