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Hard Facts

I was born in Vienna, Austria in 1982.
At an early age I started following my desire to become a photographer and photojournalist, enabling me to travel the world and cover stories of particular interests. Working as a studio- and fashion photographer at home, my earnings were always invested into my passion projects; covering stories of human trafficking in India and Nepal, or the illegal gun-trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This allowed me to live and work in Vienna, New York, London, Berlin and Barcelona.

Following my HIV-diagnosis in 2014, my priorities shifted. My passion for photography would disappear for several years, while my desire to confront HIV-related topics flourished. I started writing about HIV and began having regular art-exhibitions about life with HIV, sexuality and intimacy. This is also the time I started my education to become a coach and counsellor. 


Today, next to counselling, I continuously write for international publications such as The Guardian, Die Zeit and Der Spiegel. I work closely with HIV-Organisations in Germany, the UK and Switzerland, and speak at conferences about sexual health. I have written radio-plays, my works have been used as inspiration for a short film and a theatre play, and co-founded an HIV-Podcast in Switzerland.

And yet there is still so much more to do.

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