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Articles, podcasts, interviews... and the occasional exhibition!
Here you can read through some of the things I write and speak about. Sometimes more serious, but more than often light hearted and open - the way it should be!

PozVibe Podcast - Ireland

I had the pleasure to talk to the lovely people of the POZvibe Podcast; about sexual behaviours, being a straight man with HIV, frustrations and the fun and joys of sex! One of the funnest podcasts in a while!

PozVibe - Straight Pride

PozVibe on Instagram

"I used to think HIV was a curse - now my sexlife is better than ever" - The Guardian

A while back I was allowed to contribute to The Guardians regular "My Life in Sex".
Back then, I was still using my pseudonym Philipp Spiegel.
Just follow the link!

Now my sex life is better than ever

"HIV gave me a new purpose" - for the Erika Lust Blog

Erika Lust is probably the most famous contemporary pornographic filmmaker. Being based in Barcelona, I had the opportunity to contribute to her blog, speaking bout sexual health and HIV-awareness. Just follow the link!

"HIV gave me a new purpose"

Ist das normal? - Der Zeit Online Podcast

Melanie Büttner and Sven Stockrahm have one of the most successful podcasts about sexuality in germany. Every week there are new facets and topics they dive into, which never cease to get boring. I had the privilege of speaking to them about my life with HIV, sexuality and the joys of life. In german.

Hear the episode here:

"Ist das Normal" - Der Zeit Online Podcast


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