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Counseling Journey: Start your path to growth.

Lets get Started!

Taking the first step might be tough, but it gets easier from there! Here is a brief overview to guide you through the initial stages:


The First Call

Reach out via call, message, or email for a complimentary 30-minute consultation. This is a safe space to express your thoughts, concerns, and aspirations. We'll discuss your needs and goals, whether they involve navigating relationships or managing insecurities.


Our First Session - Identifying goals, establishing trust

We'll carefully pace our first 50-minute session to foster a strong therapeutic alliance without feeling rushed. Together, we are going to identify objectives and gain initial insights, pinpointing where to begin addressing your concerns.


Follow-up sessions.

Embark on an inward journey, gradually opening new doors to self-discovery. Using a mix of therapeutic techniques, feedback and bodywork, we'll equip you with tools for deeper insights and resilience. Each session is a step toward building confidence and enhancing your life’s enjoyment.

Progress and Reflection
We break down goals into achievable steps, providing support and accountability along the way. Open feedback and regular reflection ensure our approach stays collaborative and focused on your growth. Celebrate your achievements with us, empowering and motivating your continued journey.

My services are available in English and German


Investing in Your Wellbeing: Counselling Services Pricing

Understanding the importance of mental health and personal growth, I strive to make my counselling services accessible and valuable. 
The pricing reflects the quality and depth of our sessions, designed to offer you tailored support and effective strategies for a healthier, happier life and more understanding and pleasure in your sexual encounters and relationships. 

I offer a variety of options to accommodate different needs and budgets, including package deals and sliding scale fees based on individual circumstances.
The first 30 minute evaluation talk is free of charge. The general 50 minute session is € 80.- (excl. VAT) 


Please contact me to discuss the best plan for you and to learn more about our free initial consultation. Together, we can find a way to ensure you receive the support you deserve.

Client Feedback

Celina - Zurich

"Christopher's compassionate guidance has been a lifeline in my journey of acceptance and healing after receiving a HIV diagnosis. With his support and understanding, I've learned to navigate through the emotional burden, emerging stronger and more resilient. His empathy and expertise have truly made a profound difference in my life, allowing me move forward with courage."
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