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Lets talk. Open. Free. Uninhibited. Without any restraints.

Of sexuality, vulnerabilities, unfulfilled desires or a distorted self perception. The topics surrounding sexuality and discomforts are endless and unique to everyone. And the best way to challenge these is by establishing a dialogue. A back and forth of questions, answers, listening, insights and sharing thoughts.

Opening up is a long and scary process. I offer the time and flexibility you want for your personal approach. In English and German. 

From one time sessions to blocks of 5 or 10 sessions, I give several options for you to find what suits you best; best to be started with a free 30 minute introductory conversation.

I am based in Barcelona and Vienna, I am currently just starting to implement office space. 

In this digital world I have had wonderful experiences using Zoom Sessions. This allows for an even greater flexibility, and the chance to connect from different time zones, countries and continents. 


My Approach

I can't walk the road for you - but I can accompany you. Let me be your supporting role.

The way I work is a combination of well established methods in addition to my own experiences.

My ongoing education is by the "Austrian Society for Sexology" - short; ÖGS, which teach the foundations about sexual-advising and -pedagogy.

I have also completed the “Buddy Program” by the Deutsche AIDS Hilfe – the German HIV Society. A peer counselling program that is aimed at people living with HIV; to counsel and assist the newly diagnosed; to empower them, show them options and ideas and accompany them in their first steps living with HIV.

I also include my own experiences - after my own HIV diagnosis in 2014, I suffered several years of depression. Plagued by insecurities and anxiety, every aspect of my life was affected.


My work, my private life, my relationships – and my sex life.


All suffering from the distress that the diagnosis had brought with it. In terms of sexuality, I felt undesired, insecure and toxic.

With the aid of a fellow coach and a therapist, I started tackling my disruptions – one by one, over the course of years. The more I dared to explore my own sexuality and my fears of intimacy, the more empowered I became.

And so I started exploring; I attended courses on tantra, went to sexual therapists, a coach and a psychologist. I started opening up and exploring myself and my passions in ways I had never thought of. I devoured the literature surrounding it.

As soon as I opened up publicly with my HIV status, my work as a coach started. From the first day of outing myself I would receive enquiries from people who sought aid. Who wanted to share and to talk.

The more I wrote, the more presence I had in the media, the more people would ask for advice. I started zoom calls with the world. Columbia, Brasil, India, Australia, Germany, Austria… sharing my experience, my journey and my techniques of empowerment was the first step, and for many of these clients around the world, it was enough to encourage them to take on their own challenges.

But it wasn’t enough for me. If I am to help people, I will need a better foundation, so I started the afore mentioned education.

This trifecta is the first step – and my insatiable desire to learn more, to read more and to acquire more knowledge is a driving force behind my coaching and advising career.

Sexuality in all its forms is a continuous source of fascination. And helping others get in touch with their own is a privilege I am humbled by.

ÖGS Website

Buddy Website Deutsche AIDS Hilfe

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My Approach
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