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Christopher Klettermayer

Couples- and Sexual Counselling

Sexuality is a sensitive topic. And such an important one at that. Any insecurities or doubts can manifest themselves in innumerable ways, causing discomfort and frustrations in your everyday life. And push you into loneliness.

But that can be changed.

Finding the path to a healthy approach to your own sexuality can be long and arduous - but that door is open - it just needs to be entered.

With a bit of effort, an open mind and a desire to overcome boundaries, we can explore your world and give you a new perspective on your sexuality. Encouraging and empowering your new self.

Because sexual health is mental health.

Areas of Expertise

Counselling/Coaching on topics related to HIV, sexuality, chemsex and sexual health.

As a couples and sexuality counsellor, my specialities... Topics include - among others: sexuality, conditioned behaviours in terms of "masculinity" and "femininity", self-worth and sexual confidence, rediscovering yourself, sexual desires, repetitive behavioural patterns.

An HIV diagnosis is a traumatic experience. It can have tremendous effects on the psyche, on the sense of self-worth, and in particular in someones perception of sexuality. Add Chemsex

Feeling stained, venomous, undesirable and toxic - a collection of horrible emotions can manifest themselves in behaviours, patterns and thought processes that can seep into different parts of your life, requiring a holistic approach.

By starting this process of consultation and coaching, you embark on a journey to get to know yourself, which is a rewarding experience that can improve your everyday life.



Contact Me

The next step to open the new chapter is to simply write me! We can start with a free 30 minute introduction.

Tell me your story - and we can find a way forward.

Thanks for this! I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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